Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Educating Myself

I picked up the Main Line School Night adult education directory for the fall. I love adult education. The last adult education class that I took was a summer potter class. It was fantastic and I couldn't get enough of it. I now have new experiences at my fingertips, but I have to choose which class I want to take!

TAP DANCING-From age five to age fifteen, I would strap on the tap shoes once a week for my weekly dance lesson. I could shuffle and ball-change with the best of them. At my high school, they had these recitals where most people chose to sing, but my friend and I chose to tap dance. They were always the most ridiculous routines...actually, they were always the same routine just set to different music...the theme from Star Wars...the disco version, The Carpenters...whatever song we could find that just didn't seem right with tap dancing. So, I could be a tap dancer.

WATER AEROBICS-When I was a freshman in college, I took water aerobics as a class. And strangely enough, I got a B in the course. One would think that I could have at least pulled an A from that class. The appealling thing about this class is that it is close to my house, I get to be in the water, and it seems entertaining to me. I like to splash around in the water.

SELF-DEFENSE-My self-defense tactics are slim. I know where to kick if someone needs to be kicked. I could poke their eyes with my fingers...but that is about it for kung-fu skills. A woman has to have some skills!

BEGINNERS SPANISH-I know I would enjoy this, but I know that I would have to take the next level of Spanish to retain anything learned. So, this would be more of committment than, let's say, tap-dancing where I could just break it down in my living room if I wanted to.

LET'S MAKE CANDY-If you know me, my secret dream is to own a candy store. So, this would be a start.

I am not considering the following, but they are offered...
- Tarot Card Reading
- Write a Romance Novel
- Ghost Tour of Philadelphia
- Coffee 101
- Swedish Massage
- How to Prune Almost Anything....my favorite


firedancerdancin said...

you and I have the same level of self defense skills. I would totally resort to poking someones eye out if i had to. The thought is not appealing, but it's more appealing than being attacked, so poke an eye out I would. And a well placed knee would also be involved.

I might also use what I've learned from "King of the Hill" and scream, "Give me back my purse! I DON'T KNOW YOU!" as well...but mostly for entertainment value.

Dree said...

Hmmm... I say go for the candy class. I'd probably be sensible and take the Spanish course. I'm so boring. :)

Super Rachel Zana said...

WHAT! You don't have plans for a romance novel??????

Anna said...

Wow - I just picked up the same type of Catalog form MCTC (in Minneapolis) and yours are WAY better! The most exciting thing they offered was "Enhance Your Customer Service Skills" and "How to Calculate your Mortgage Payment." I want to move to Philly! I think you should make Candy! How fun! Open up a Chocolitier (sp?) in your neighborhood?