Monday, August 15, 2005

Ah...I am on a timer!

I will make this a quick one since I am using the library's computer and they are a bit stingy on the time given. I can't wait to have my sweet, sweet internet up and running at my place.

We arrived Saturday and we exhausted. It is funny how sitting in the car for two days straight can make a girl tired. Our apartment was unbearably HOT. So, we switched on the AC and took a drive to the grocery store. Blah...Blah...Boring moving stuff.

Highlights from our trip...

  1. While packing our car in Minnesota, Tim heard a goose honk above his head and looked up. While looking up, he heard a splatter down below, so he looked down. Low and behold, the goose mistook Tim's bag for a toilet.
  2. Taco Bell, Wendy's, Steak and Shake, and Arby's. In that order.
  3. A shady, shady motel we discovered on the side of the road late on Friday evening...we couldn't drive a minute more and this shady dream of a motel was just what our tired souls needed.

I am busy unpacking, but I have my priorities, people! I stalked the local public library and found this computer and now you are up-to-date. I hope you will be patient with my here and there posting since I am, sadly, without internet access.


firedancerdancin said...

yay for priorities! ;-)

it's good to "see" you back, and i'm glad y'all made it safe and sound!

hope the unpacking goes well!


The Solbergs said...

Maybe you could get a job at the library!

Anonymous said...

You give those librarians the finger!