Thursday, August 25, 2005

Musical Inspiration

I was listening to my deliciously green ipod today while I cleaned the house. I found myself dancing to The Jackson 5 while I washed the dishes. I have to keep in mind that I have windows now in my kitchen where people can see me doing my best electric boog-a-loo. Anyway...

I have been sharing quite a bit about my life here in Philadelphia, but I have been sharing very little of my other thoughts. This blog has always been a mix of my life's events, my thoughts, my ideas, and my interactions with people. I have really gotten away from the thoughts and ideas piece of this project. So, in order to help me with this blocked area of thought for me, I will use music to inspire me. It always does.

I will use song titles to give me a topic for writing when I need some thing to write about. What do you think?

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