Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Self Imposed Anger

I am so mad at myself. I can't stand surprises. That mixed with my addiction to Six Feet Under allows myself to read the episode guides on hbo.com when I cannot watch it. As you know, season four is coming out August 23 and they are in the middle of season five.

I was reading msn.com yesterday and there was a headline with something like, "Six Feet Under Kills One of their Own"...I couldn't resist. I HAD to read it. I am so mad that I did. I am just mad at myself. I have no self-control when it comes to Six Feet Under and ice cream. I won' t ruin it for you, but again...so mad at myself. I had forgotten that I was mad at myself until this morning when I was thinking about the date and how many days until season four comes out and UGH!


Anonymous said...

ok, now you've done it. now I have to look. Next time, think about how your lack of self-control affects the people around you as well.


Anonymous said...

ok, so i did a little internet hunting to see if maybe it was a trick ala who shot j.r., but from what i can tell thus far, it is real. we shall see.....


Anonymous said...

ok, this must be my last comment on this very important topic. here is an interesting article regarding this development in the show. don't click if you don't want to know what happens:



Anonymous said...

Damn you Sara. I saw a clip of this scene on TV and decided I would just have to wait it out, but I too was drawn to the synopsis. This is so disappointing and I can't imagine the show without him. But...he was cheating on his wife. Is there some sweet joy in that for women?


Timmy said...

I did the same thing for Sopranos. I read the episode guides for every single show, and I am no longer addicted! (That is at least until the new season starts)