Monday, August 08, 2005

Old Treasures

My grandmother walked me to her garage this weekend where I found it filled with antiques, vintage sports equipment, and tools for living a life from years ago. She is having an auction in a few months and will be getting rid of these treasures. She lives in a very small town where the obvious treasures will be sold without problem. Creamery crocks, washtubs, and tools will be the first to go, yet there are some things that may not find a buyer because they will not be seen as something special or unique.

A chest that looked about 100 years old was found. I am sure it came over with my grandfather's family from Sweden, an old fashioned phonograph that requires a turn crank for it to play, and an old fashioned washer which also required a crank will be sold at the auction.

I loved walking around in the garage and thinking about these items and their uses. I like to imagine my grandfather using the beat up old football cleets or cross country skis. We found old Valentine cards and tons of old photos.

My responsibility will be to sell the old books. Grandpa had so many old books that were first edition or just old. Novels, textbooks, and political literature were piled in box after box. I am not sure how I will sell these books. Maybe I will sell them on Ebay or take them out east and sell them to a used book store. I know people collect books for reading and some collect for decorating. I did find an old Webster's Dictionary with my grandfather's name written in it by his hand. I plan on keeping that one for myself.

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pat said...

I wish i could get all those books. I love books.