Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I am Mixing my Metaphors

Okay, I have been thinking about luck lately. I am not even sure if this is the word I want to use, but for reasons that have to do with my limited vocabulary, we'll use it.

Things happen every day and we don't stop to think about the reasons for these events. We never even consider that there has to be a reason for events. That is life...it just keeps happening. So, recently, I have had a couple people say things to me that make me think about events in my life and their purpose...is it fate, luck, or just the path that we choose to take risks upon?

As I was leaving my school, a friend said to me, "See, Sara, it is times like these that show you how people feel about you. People tell you that you were important to them and cared for." Why do people have to leave in order for people to say, "Hey, I like you and you are special." Why don't we say it everyday? I try to do this with more than just words...oh, you know me...I'll mix you a CD with some tunes. I'll bring a candy bar. I shoot you an email. I call you. So, am I lucky for leaving because I received some affirmations?

This kismet I question can lead people to start friendships, relationships where there was nothing before. I am not sure I believe in luck because I have always been so deliberate when choosing my relationships. Let's take my friend, Amy. I knew she was a smart cookie with clever comments, jokes, and questions. I know I literally said in my inner dialogue, "Hey, I like Amy. I am going to befriend her." And guess what, we're friends. Take Tim, I said, "Hey, he is funny and quirky. I am going to call him and ask him out." And guess what, I married him. So, when something happens that I had no deliberate part in choosing the path, I cannot catagorize it properly...my mind just wants to catagorize and luck just as never been a catagory.

Why does every event need to fit into a mental compartment to understand it? Maybe I am not to understand each event in my life, just live it. Everything does not need to be neat and tidy. Sometimes there are frayed edges and doors left open.

Whoa...I am full of metaphor tonight.


Eyes said...

I like Oprah's statement

Hard work + Opportunity = Good Luck!

Rhiannon said...

Just to throw another idea on top of yours, does "everything happen for a reason"? I don't think it does. I do believe that good things can come from bad situations, events, etc. but that's not a reason for them to happen.

Same goes for topics of God/fate vs. personal decision. I think humans decide a lot. Would God really decide that someone should be mugged, shot, killed? I don't think so.

Curious what other people think (and it's OK if you don't believe in God - I promise not to get into a religious debate).