Friday, August 19, 2005

Haircut Misadventure

I went for a haircut yesterday. Maybe I am way off base here, but...I like it when it takes a long time to get my hair cut. More importantly, I like it when they take their time with me. I realize that I do not have a lot of hair and it is a difficult thing to make a hair cut last with such short hair, but give me a break. My hair cut lasted all of 14 minutes yesterday. In and out. With a shorty do like mine, it is very important to trim the back with a razor/buzzer...she forgot to do this and I didn't notice until I was home. I thought about going back and having her do it, but I couldn't be bothered. So, Tim trimmed my neck. Weird, huh. I thought so too. I was very, very uncomfortable with Tim fixing my hair. I think I may have even threatened him in my delusional hair cut state I was in.

I think the threat went something like this...
"Seriously, Tim. Don't go to high or I will die."

I can be quite dramatic.

He did a fine job. Tim really missed his calling. Instead of a college professor, he should have been a stylist. He has a knack for it. I will not call on his services again because I have learned a very important lesson today. Make the stylist give you a mirror to look at the back of your head.

As for my Philly adventures, I went for a long walk yesterday and thought about a lot of things. It was nice. Today, I venture to the second biggest mall in America. I have this amazingly large map of the suburban area in which we live and I broke it out last night. I sprawled it on the floor of my living room and found a route that allowed me to avoid the interstate...they are scary to me at this point. I will overcome that fear another day. Wish me luck.

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Eyes said...

How did the mall visit go?

It sounds like you are doing quite well there!

That's cute that Tim helped you with your hair. Hey, that's what spouses are for, right?! I know I'd be nervous with my hubby if he had a pair of scissors, too!