Wednesday, September 21, 2005


One of my favorite things that people can do is make confessions. These admissions are sometimes masked in a humorous anecdote or story from the past at a bar or late night party, but I think some people are more likely to confess than others. Sometimes people confess and they don’t even know they have done so. And then, there are some that will never reveal the secrets that make them the individual they are.

A declaration of guilt falls somewhere on the revelation continuum…for example, someone could confess to a guilty pleasure obsession of the for the 80’s soft rock band Air Supply.

“Making love out of nothing at all…”

The other end of that continuum of confession divulges past sins that expose a more criminal element to our personalities.

“I used to steal pies from the store I worked at in high school...”

Now, neither of these confessions belong to me, but mine fall somewhere along that continuum of confessions. There is also something about my personality that people just tell me things. From the tawdry to the ridiculous. I love it. I would like nothing better than to air some people’s dirty laundry out here on the blog, but that just wouldn’t be right. So, instead, I will air my dirty laundry.

- I have a soft spot for Dolly Parton.

- As a prank in high school, I used to put peanut butter under the car handles of people’s car with a girlfriend who shall remain nameless.

- I didn’t read an assigned book for any of my English courses in junior high or high school until the 11th grade and that was only because our teacher played the books on tape during class time. I’d like to defend my actions though. I was always reading, but took great bother with the choices of my English teachers…they always seemed like westerns or animal stories.

- I have no idea where our unity candle is from our wedding…I think it is the trunk of my friend, Jill.

- I still have all the mixed tapes from friends from high school and listen to them. They are good mixes. I hope my next car has a tape player.

I just read over my confessions and decided that I can be terribly boring in term of my crimes. I know that I have better confessions than this. But those are reserved for late nights and strict confidences.


firedancerdancin said...

I don't think I'm the friend you are referring to, but I too peanut buttered in my day--namely jr/sr in hs.

I think there was chocholate syrup involved at one time as well.

and we pissed someone off...really badly.

Eyes said...

Interesting :)

Rhiannon said...

I think it was actually maple syrup if I remember the story correctly. And peanuts...or was it raisins? Good stuff!

firedancerdancin said...

man--so we all were into valdalism of cars with food products. I know i was not involved with syrup or raisins. Well, maybe maple syrup, but most definitely not raisins.

Someone needs to email me and tell me who you pb'd or syruped. I can tell you who we pb'd and who we chocolate syruped...i don't remember WHY we chose that particular person---it think it was mostly meant jokingly...I can tell you it involved a getaway car that was very old and very big, and we all had been in at the same time (I think the record was 16 people...we were crazy.)