Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Get Down, Girl, Go Ahead, Get Down

I am staring at a blank blogger's screen with nothing to say. This is rare for me, but I have absolutely nothing to say today. I think I will follow Melanie's lead and do a stream of consciousness blog post...so, I have no organized thoughts tonight. Sorry.

-I have lost ten pounds since moving to Philadelphia. I blame this on a few things. I can't be bothered to go to the grocery store because it takes 30 minutes to get there. Although we have many restaurants in our neighborhood, we do not have fast food besides McDonald's and since watching Super Size Me, it doesn't appeal to me. I had kind of forgotten about the first five pounds until I stepped on the scale for the first time in two weeks and I had lost five more pounds. I do walk a lot more than I used to in Iowa. I am not going out to eat with my friends or quick trips to the Dairy Queen after school.

-Today when I stopped by the grocery store on my way home from work, I ran into someone I knew! This is huge. I knew someone. This happened all of the time in Iowa and North Dakota, yet I go places now knowing that I will not know anyone.

-I struggle with seeming needy to my friends and family because I tend to call and email them a lot. If you fit into the friend and family catagory, you can take all that neediness as missing you...that is a good feeling right?

-I really like the Indigo Girls. I think their lyrics are so kind and thoughtful. I just listened to "Collecting You" and "She's Saving Me"...both such great songs.

-On the less sensitive musical side, I am also digging Kayne West's "Gold Digger"...the explicit version, of course. Get down, girl, go ahead, get down.

-I am attempting an east coast hair cut again tomorrow. If you have read this blog for more than a month, you know the tragedy that last haircut turned out to be. Well, I am going to be very direct and clear with the stylist. I won't be needing Tim's stylin' skills.

Well, you stuck with me. That was my stream of consciousness blog. Dig it.


Dree said...

I used to write stream-of-consciousness emails to my best friend. Sometimes that's the best way to do it. :)

firedancerdancin said...

dude, kanye west is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me since his meltdown at some music award show where he was all, "I've been robbed, the other person sucks, blah blah blah I've been robbed...." (that's not a direct quote, i paraphrased there) He's such a bad loser that I can't stand listening to him....

unless gold digger comes on the radio or mtv or whatnot--Then I get my grove on and pretend it's not him....i mean...jamie foxx is in there too so i just concentrate on him. :-)

*shakes groove thang*

good luck with the haircut, and congrats on the weight loss (unless you DIDN'T want to lose weight...then start eating girlie!!!)

feel free to email or call ANYTIME. in fact, you'll have to email me your phone number cause we got fancy schmancy digital phone for 28 bucks a month and can call anywhere in the US at ANYTIME for any AMOUNT of time and the bill? 28 bucks. can't beat that.

Eyes said...

I enjoyed it :)

Kratz said...

I think you're the first girl I've ever heard actually place blame for their weight loss.