Monday, January 09, 2006

Blog Quiz

So, blog quizzes are a dime a dozen, but I think we are all self-absorbed enough to take a dozen for just a mere dime. Recently, I took this quiz. I like to think that no matter what has been happening in my life, the core of my personality is still in tact. This little quiz speaks to this idea.
You Have a Phlegmatic Temperament

Mild mannered and laid back, you take life at a slow pace.
You are very consistent - both in emotions and actions.
You tend to absorb set backs easily. You are cool and collected.

It is difficult to offend you. You can remain composed and unemotional.
You are a great friend and lover. You don't demand much of others.
While you are quiet, you have a subtle wit that your friends know well.

At your worst, you are lazy and unwilling to work at anything.
You often get stuck in a rut, without aspirations or dreams.
You can get too dependent on others, setting yourself up for abandonment.


Eyes said...

I never see you anymore on my blogs. Have I frustrated you in some way? I miss you :)

I took the test and posted it on my blog :)

Hope you are well.

Eyes said...

From reading your blog, I would have to say your personality profile is very accurate.

Rhiannon said...

I think your results are fairly accurate, with a few exceptions. I don't think you are "unemotional" however you don't always wear your emotions on your sleeve. Also, I don't think you get stuck in a rut without aspirations or dreams. Of all the people I know, you always have something new you want to learn, do, etc. It's one of your best qualities :-)

shelly said...

i allegedly have a choleric temperament. and it did not seem like a compliment.

Rhiannon said...

Shelly - I had the same temperament as you! I was also a little appalled but also a little embarrassed because a few things were true for me :-)