Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sara-Borders Ranger

See this guy? I did.

I swear that some entity in the sky is looking down on me and knows exactly what I think will be funny. Of course it would crack me up to be sitting outside of Borders with my friends as one of them enjoys her smoke break when all of the sudden Chuck Norris of Walker-Texas Ranger fame walks out. I wouldn't have enjoyed this celebrity sighting anymore if it was some A-List celebrity like Brad Pitt, but I enjoy a B-List celebrity so much more.

He walked out and looked at us. We looked at him. We looked at each other and I said, "Um. I think that was Chuck Norris." We all burst out laughing. Just the absurdity of that statement cracks me up.

I wanted someone in Borders to come up to me and say, "Did you see Chuck Norris?" just so I could respond with, "No, Chuck Norris saw me." I think a little self-importance is crucial in my lifelong attempt at keepin' it real.


Courtney said...

Here's a dose of your own favorite game. Would you rather...have the chance to do some karate moves with Chuck Norris as your personal instructor or learn some boxing moves with Sylvester Stallone as your instructor?

Tough one...especially after our brush with fame at Borders Bryn Mawr.

Anonymous said...

Hey Court/Sara!
Much like Neil/Bruce I'm not seeing a debate here. Gotta go with Sly all the way--but you guys are aware of my Stallonian obsession. After Chuck Norris left, I expressed my dismay that even though Sly's in town for a few weeks we haven't seen him yet.
One can dream....

Eyes said...


I was on a flight to Chicago once when everyone was making a hoopula. Spiro Gyro was on the flight. I didn't know who they were (I'm niave)...and because there was such buzz, I walked up to the group and I said everyone is going crazy, who are you, do you mind if I ask?

You could tell that I made them feel oooooh-so-old, but they told me, were nice and friendly. Other people stood back ahgast!

shelly said...

don has been in love with that show forEVER! if chuck ever crosses your border again, you MUST get an autograph and send it to my father. but make sure he signs it "walker...texas ranger" then it will be the funniest!

Amanda said...

First, a medicine woman and now a texas ranger. Your list of celeb sightings just keeps getting better and better. Very cool!