Saturday, January 28, 2006

Clothes Mouse

I am amazed at what a turn my wardrobe has taken in the last six months. I still love shopping and dressing well, but it seems that I am now wearing a lot of jeans and cotton shirts instead of nice dress pants and pressed shirts.

It just isn't in the cards for me now that I am in the preschool. I will have several 'clean' days in a row when I come home as tidy as I left. Then, I make the mistake of wearing something a little nicer than a cotton long-sleeved shirt and my arms are covered in blue paint. The Borders gig isn't much better for dressing well. I wear jeans and shirts that I will be able to stretch and move in while I am reaching for DVDs and books. I have to carry big boxes so I don't want to wear anything that could be snagged or stained from the dirtiness of these boxes.

I don't believe things will improve when I start teaching kindergarten. I will have my teaching clothes and my real-life clothes. The line used to be more blurred than this.

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tammy said...

I teach kindergarten & it's only a little better. I actually wore a skirt today (& pantyhose), but that's rare! Sometimes I look for occassions to wear something decent!