Monday, January 16, 2006

A Good Time

I had a great weekend. My friend Marisa came to visit me. Whenever Marisa is around, I tend to laugh and laugh and laugh. The girl is funny! She has this amazing way of living that says without using words, "Life is about living! Have fun! Laugh! Enjoy each other!"

Taking a lesson from my friend Amy, we followed the theme of "Do What You Cannot Do in North Dakota"! We had some amazing Italian food on Friday night in a beautiful restaurant in my neighborhood. The setting was quite nice. One cannot go to an Italian restaurant without indulging in a bite or two of tiramisu.

Marisa helped me pick out some window shears from a woman who makes all of her goods using materials from India. She not only uses the materials, but makes them in India because she feels the most creative when she is there. The colors were so rich, I couldn't resist. I can't wait to hang them and enjoy them. My living room is fast becoming my favorite room in the apartment because it is just so cozy. Check out her website at Padmini Design.

Sunday morning, we got up at the crack of dawn to get to the train station on time. We had to get to the Chinatown bus station in order to catch our bus to New York City. I am so glad to have this convience. It was so reasonable. $20 round trip! It dropped us off in Chinatown in New York where we stopped at the Cup and Saucer for some grilled cheese while we waited for Amy to come and meet us. She showed us the shopping on Canal Street in Chinatown where they sell knockoff handbags and other goods. The men would sneak us in the back to buy handbags. I didn't buy one, but it was an experience.

We had some more Italian food in Little Italy. For a day trip, we had a fantastic time! However, we did get on the wrong bus was heading to Washington, D.C. We realized this in time and found the right bus.

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me said...

Oh, I am really jealous!!! How wonderful you are close enough to go shopping there now. I would have been tempted by some new handbags :)