Monday, January 02, 2006

Song Beneath the Song

You know those great songs that you hear while you shop your local GAP or Banana Republic? Well, I just is probably someone's job to choose these songs. Sure, one could say that the songs are just part of the satellite radio that the store has purchased, but I don't believe that. Because with stores like the GAP and all the other sweater pushing retail stores, the songs are just as much a part of their image as the denim-lined walls that cover their store.

So, who gets to do this job? I believe it might just be the perfect job for me. Not that I am in the market for a new job because I already have one ready for August, but wouldn't it be great. I know that many people would appreciate this line of work.

I think a person would have to need the following qualities to be the MIX MASTER for any and all of the clothing retail stores...
1. Must have spent at least two hours creating "The Perfect Mix".
2. Must have changed "The Perfect Mix" because after two play throughs, the songs just didn't get across what you were trying to get across...whether it be "Let's Party!", "It's Fun to Be 29", or "Look on the Brightside".
3. You must have a wide range of musical tastes. For example, you must know who Tammi Terrel (Motown), Thelonious Monk (Jazz), Nick Drake (Folk), and Miss Beyonce (R&B) are and introduce them to the world as they shop for puffy vests.
4. Must dig sitting at the computer listening to tunes and searching for tunes and thinking about tunes and singing to tunes and then, listening to tunes again.
5. Must appreciate music and its ability to make life better..from shopping to walking to just standing still.


Eyes said...

What a New Year's Resolution! Every American should try that at least once! Whew! Best of luck at keeping it :)

Happy New Year, Sara!

Dree said...

When I worked at Dress Barn, we had a bunch of Muzak tapes for our machine. One was this super-funky 70's-80's mix of songs that the customers ALWAYS sang along to. We all loved it. And then it broke. It was a sad day in the retail world.

MandyGirl said...

I want this job.

I was thinking about something like this on my drive home today. I would like to pick songs for movies. I would like to pick songs for television. I would like to be in charge of going out and finding new talent.

Now those are jobs I could really enjoy! :)