Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thoughts for the Morning

Since I have been putting a new health plan into action, I was reflecting on some of the excuses and rules that have brought me to this less than healthy place. I won't bore you with some of the obvious, but here are some ideas that I will work to overcome. I know I have spoken to a few of you personally about this venture, but I will be 30 years old in nine months. I want to be a healthy 30 year old. Some people have told me that I am just fine the way I am, but really, I am not. I don't want to turn out to have high cholesterol, chronic pain, higher risk for a number of diseases. This isn't all about vanity.

I Deserve It!
Somewhere along the way, I have come to believe that because I had a difficult day, week, month, I deserve to overeat. Food has always been something that I enjoy and sometimes more than another person, yet why do I have to sabotage myself by saying "I Deserve It!"? I am going to try to replace this behavior with something non-caloric. Maybe I can deserve a magazine or new book. Maybe I should replace the word DESERVE for the word NEED. For example, I NEED a good nights rest. I NEED some fruit with me meal tonight. Just thinking...

I'll Start Exercising Tomorrow
It is such a funny thing. I used to be quite active in high school with a number of physical activities, yet now, I could care less about it. I can always justify exercising tomorrow. Yet, whenever I walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, I feel good. Hmmm...a smarter person would make a connection between this exercise and feeling good! So, I have started to think of my morning walk like a necessity like taking a shower. I wouldn't leave the house without showering so I wouldn't leave the house without exercising.

I'm Overweight, but I'm Happy
I have justified my happiness as an excuse not to get into shape. Just because I am not the type of woman who is sad and down doesn't mean that I can't be healthy. I am happy and healthy emotionally. I want to be healthy on a physical level too. I can imagine how sad I would become if someday I went to the doctor and was told that I had some problem based on being overweight.

So, these are my thoughts for the morning.

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shelly said...

when reason and health became the central issue and i made decisions based on self-respect, everything changed. after such self-loathing for so long, i am the healthiest and most fit i have ever been at 30. good luck. p.s. you will never go back to fast food! your body won't let you.