Friday, December 29, 2006

The Big Question

I am not sure what I thought I would learn from my boycott of McDonald's in 2006. More than anything, I wanted to see if I could do it. It was simple enough. This is how I achieved such a lofty goal, my friends...

Just don't go there.
Don't stop.
Don't crave.
If you crave, replace it with something else.
Share this challenge with others.
Recognize that it is unhealthy on many levels.

When I stopped to reflect upon these strategies for anti-McDonalds success, I realized that these are strategies for a real, more frustrating part of my life. If I can apply these ideas to a fast-growing McDonalds habit, can I apply them to an all around healthy lifestyle of eating?

Just to see if I can do it?

People thought the McDonalds goal was silly at first. Just another quirky thing that Sara is doing, yet I think it was a baby step for what I am going to achieve in 2007. Over the past few days, I have developed what I believe will be a plan for success with my own health. Let me tell you about since one of my strategies is to share the challenge with others.

I have started using Sparkspeople which is an online support site that has message boards, recipes, food tracking, exercise tracking, goal setting, and more. I want to use Sparkspeople just as I use Blogger, my news sites, and email. The second piece of my success in 2007 goal is working as a team. Tim has decided that he would like to live a healthier lifestyle too. I can't tell you how much this helps. We can keep each other in check. Not let each other make excuses.

There is more to my plan, but it is boring and you probably know what it takes to be healthy. This is the weird thing about me. It isn't the pants size that motivates me or how I will look in the mirror. The biggest motivating factor is just like with McDonalds...Can I do this?


Amanda said...

You can definitely do it!

Share the challenge with me!

Eyes said...

Happy New Year to you, Sara -- and to Tim! May 2007 be a great year for your both :)