Sunday, December 03, 2006

Home Sweet Home

This is a photo of our living room as we viewed it when we put an offer on the house. Enjoy the baby blue walls and peach trim.

This is the living room after we painted it HUMBLE GOLD and white for the trim. Of course, our stuff is in the living room now. We are currently on the hunt for a picture or something to go above the fireplace. I am also a little home decor challenged so I am stumped with what should go under the tall white shelf above the book shelf. Any suggestions? The doors leading to the three season porch are still taped and ready for painting, but for now, they remain peach because it is too cold and I will end up painting them shut. I am also looking for suggestions for drape colors. See the window by the steps? I am not sure what color I should use there.

Check out some more pictures of this room. I will add some photos of the dining room once I have done a little more work to it. I am not sure if I need anything above the television center. What do you think?

One thing that I noticed as we put things away with this move, our stuff seems smaller. We've always had little apartments with very little wall space. Our wall decorations seem so small, like they are trying hard to fill a big space.


me said...

I would put under the shelf some sort of mirror like this or this You need it to be about as wide as the shelf, but not very tall. For the drapes I would go with a muted print. Maybe mostly white with some yellows and beiges in it. Up on top of the TV, I would put a plant. Something on the wall would be too much, but plants are great fillers. They add good texture to the room. A fake orchid would work great. Good luck!

Mathman said...

Wow! Your house looks very nice. I'd love to offer some decorating suggestions, but I'm afraid that some people (my wife and a close friend) don't care for my decorating , especially my choice of curtains. They think I pick awful decor.

Super Rachel Zana said...

I've been waiting to see pictures of the painted product! Your living room is beautiful! I find painting and particularly choosing the color of paint extrememly difficult. This looks great! Very cozy and very Sara!

Eyes said...

You've done some awesome things!! Wow, your house looks great. I think you are quite talented at this remodel thing!

Courtney said...

I just want to say I love your house and cannot wait to have a chance to visit it. Just from the pictures, it's totally dudlified! Love it!