Friday, December 22, 2006


I am not sure if this is a true memory or a memory that I have made up along the way as I was constructing my own little version of my childhood. Nonetheless, it is as real to me as the nose on Rudolph's face.
I had to have been about seven years old when I first saw the movie A Christmas Story. It was at the theater with my friend Shelly and if that day was like many others, I am sure our brothers were a few rows behind us.
I knew at the time that I didn't 'get' all of the movie, but I still thought it was funny. As years went on and I would watch this holiday classic each year, I thought it was funnier and funnier.
Even the commercials that lead up to the 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS are hilarious to me. I love the it all. I love when Ralphie says "Fudge". I love when the old man loses his turkey to the dreaded Bumpuses's dogs, and my favorite part during the whole movie is when Ralphie beats up Farkus stringing together expletives like a pro.


Anonymous said...

My favorite things in the movie are the tongue on the pole, the leg lamp and "mommy's little piggie."

Loved your GF description by the way. My favorite driving thing is that people go 35 in a 40.

pat said...

I watched this movie almost twice on Christmas day. They were having a marathon, you know.

shelly said...

i watch this movie all throughout the year. i love it. and i know all of the dialogue by heart and most of the narration. have since i was about 16. sara, when we were in the theater, you laughed the hardest at the scene where santa thunks ralphie in the forehead to send him down the slide. i did too. i can picture your little red shiny cheeks and your bouncy silent-with-tears laugh and it makes me smile.