Thursday, December 14, 2006


It takes a lot to piss me off, but some jerk on the phone really did a number on me tonight.

So, we've been receiving calls for a man named John since moving to our new house and our new number. I always politely say, "I am sorry. You have the wrong number. No one by that name lives here." This usually works. But! There is one guy who keeps calling. Tonight, as I told him my line, he replied with "Well, I will try back later."

I tried to stop him and tell him, "No, don't try back later because he will still not live here," but he hung up. So, I called him back with the caller ID number. He basically told me that he is going to keep calling until I can prove or the phone company can prove that John doesn't live here. I said, "That is harassment."

He said it wasn't illegal which makes me think that he is a bill collector or something to know that it is not illegal. So, I said, "Well, if I need to call the phone company like you said and tell them that we are the only people living at this number, then, I will not expect anymore phone calls from you otherwise it is harassment."

I cannot tell you how mean and assholey this guy was. He was terrible. He kept putting words in my mouth. He would not identify his company or his name. What is up with that? Any ideas?


Ellie said...

My parents went through the same thing. There were two Michael Eckhoff's in the phone book, what are the chances?

My mom kept telling the bill collectors to check the phone book. Eventually they figured it out, but I get the impression it went on for a while. I think the bill collectors always assume they are right.

Maybe try to ask him what address he thinks he's calling?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how it works in Pennsylvania, but in North Dakota you could call the phone company and have a specific number blocked from being able to call your house. Maybe give that a try. Ask them if they can block this one number from being able to call you because the a-hole is harrassing you for no apparant reason.


Anonymous said...

Please be careful. It could be a morning radio show trying to get you all riled up so they can laugh at the recording while broadcasting it to millions.