Sunday, December 17, 2006

Donut Lovin'

I am the type of person that falls into good and mostly bad habits at a quick pace. Two is the number of times that I will do something and suddenly it is a habit. It is a good thing that I stayed away from naughty stuff in my adolescence and beyond because I could be a different person than the semi-functioning adult you see before you today!

My newest and not-surprising habit is a stop at the Dunkin' Doughnuts before work each morning. This might sound familiar to you since I have given plenty of shout outs to DD on the blog, but trust me, this is different. Each morning, before I even open the DD doors, the DD woman has my hazelnut with cream and sugar ready and on the counter. She is very friendly and I appreciate this gesture with a tip in her cup.

On Saturday morning, the same scenario played out, but I also ordered a breakfast sandwich for my train ride. She handed me the coffee, the breakfast sandwich, but an extra bag too! I look inside and it is a glazed donut.

"For me?"

The DD woman nods and tells me to have a good day. I was blown away by this fried and glazed gesture. People don't just do this in Philadelphia so I will add this to my "Reasons I Dig Philadelphia" list.


pat said...

Philadelphia, more and more, is moving up the list on my "Cities that I want to visit" list. Actually, that sounds like a good Top 5 for The Wardrobe Door.

A good friend from college is from Philly, as was a good friend from my Colorado days. All the desriptions make it the best, in my mind.

Dree said...

I'm a fan of their hazelnut-mocha coffee... although one of our teachers swears by the gingerbread latte. I plan to try it the next time I go Christmas shopping. :)

Mathman said...

I don't really do coffee, but my carpool stops at a nearby HandiMart convenience store on our way to work each morning. The manager there always expects us, and sometimes we even get free coffee or soda.