Thursday, December 07, 2006

Light Up My Life

The Philadelphia folks do it up right with their Christmas lights. In my new neighborhood, I am just a few houses away from what can only be a Griswold inspired light display. Not only that, but Tim and I are making plans for next to visit Longwood Gardens and walk through their light display with coffee (me) and hot cocoa (Tim) in hand. I guess they decorate the lights of the garden and it is something quite special.

Something occurred to me tonight. I was driving through a very upscale neighborhood when I realized that every house looked like it was right out of a Lexus add. You know what I am talking about...huge mansions with amazing, perfectly placed white lights.

Something else occurred to me too. These are not the type of people that get up on the ladders and spend hours placing each white light in the perfect location to make their homes appear more festive than the next. They hire this type of work out. I am not sure what I like better. The garish displays in my neighborhoods that regular folks spent many Saturdays perfecting or the obviously tasteful and swanky white light displays. I will say this...I do not like the blowup decorations. I like lights. I don't the plastic nativity scene that lights up. I like wreaths on fences and candle lights in windows. Let's keep it simple, people.


Anonymous said...

You really should go to Longwood Gardens. It's beautiful and one of the best displays of Christmas lights I've seen.

I plastic!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the blowup decorations .

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on "plastic yard crap" as I so affectionately call it. Stick with lights, wreaths and garland for me. And my in-laws actually considered hiring someone to put up their lights this year. They speculated that it could cost a few thousand dollars. And that didn't rule it out for them. Sheesh.