Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Card Givin'

People have strong opinions about a lot of things.

Bacon vs. Sausage
Hardwood floors vs. laminate
Sugar vs. Splenda
Starbucks vs. Dunkin' Doughnuts
Authentic vs. Knock-offs
Capitalism vs. Communism

Okay, that last one was a bit dramatic, but you get my point. I realized after the third or fourth complaint that people also have a strong opinion about Christmas cards too. This was the first year in six years of marriage that Tim and I have not sent a photo and/or newsletter of some sort. Instead, I bought what I believed to be lovely holiday greeting cards, wrote a message in each card, and sent it with great care and thought.

I thought that I could get away with it since Tim and I rarely change in a physical sense and not much happened this year. True, we bought our first home, but that is about it. Then, there is the blog. I thought that people had more than enough information about me at their fingertips if they really wanted to know the dirty details of my life. I even throw a picture or two on the blog.

It didn't matter what I thought, people want a picture or letter. More than one person shared their annoyance that I had left out the letter and/or picture this year. I am not going to sweat it because I rarely sweat anything. I don't begrudge the ones who want the photo or newsletter. They just want it for their keepsakes and all. They want to put us up on the fridge next to the other babies and families. This year, we are there in spirit alone.


Mathman said...

I keep resisting writing a letter to send with our Christmas cards. I figure that the people who would care, probably know what we were up to already. That may change next year when we have a baby. At the very least, we will probably send a picture of the baby with our Christmas cards.

Courtney said...

They should feel privileged to have received a card at all! Ha! Messin' with you Dudley!