Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas, Chums!

Top Reasons to Love Christmas

  1. The Baked Goods-From a very early age, it was the one day that you could eat anything you wanted. The baked goods table was set up with fudge, caramels, cookies, brownies, and candies galore. There were no parents standing guard or reminding you of the tummy ache these tasty treats might induce. Instead, the treats were yours for the taking. I was reminded of this childhood indulgence when I observed my little cousin, Ian, eating what must have been his fourth brownie in less than an hour. All the grown ups just sat and watched and smiled.
  2. Christmas Eve Church Service-Where I might be a bit of a heathen the rest of the year, Christmas Eve is the night where I go into the church and sing my heart out. I know all of the words. I know some of the harmonies. I even love the pre-teen soloists that have gotten up the nerve to almost sing in tune before the service. The candlelight service never loses its edge with a beautiful rendition of "Silent Night, Holy Night".
  3. Giving to Others-I love to find or make the perfect gift for others. I may strive for perfection, but it is rarely achieved. I would like to think that I have a 80% perfection rate when it comes to the perfect gift. I like to sit and watch them open each gift. It doesn't even have to be from me. I like it when anyone opens any gift. I like to see the surprise and pleasure they get. Even gift cards have the potential to be the perfect gift because I can see people's anticipation of choosing something just for themselves.

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