Sunday, December 17, 2006

NYC For the Weekend

I feel quite accomplished this weekend. I took the train to New York City to visit my friend. She lives in Brooklyn so I also took the subway with one transfer to see her. She gave me the directions, but I managed it all on my own. I think now that I did it on my own, I can do it anytime.

I will never take the Chinatown bus again. This was so much more relaxed.

We checked out the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. The tree was spectacular, but the illuminated snowflakes that fell from the Rockefeller Center behind the tree added the magical touch. Shopping in midtown Manhattan was the busiest outing I have ever seen. We walked in baby steps as we checked out the window displays. It was chaotic.

One cannot forget the food when NYC is in conversation. We ate at Mama's in the Village. home style Soul Food. I wished for my camera as I sat down with my fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

It was the perfect weekend to get me ready for two more days of teaching and then, HOLIDAY BREAK!

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pat said...

That post just made me LONG for new york again. I haven't been since '02, and my friends were just there recently. I almost couldn't even look at their pictures.

Plus, a childhood friend or cousin (I can't remember) of my mom's is the Lighting Director for SNL. I can't WAIT to go again. Maybe when I do, I can meet you in Philly for a doughnut.