Friday, January 19, 2007

15 Minutes

It is amazing that fifteen minutes will make such a difference in a person's day. I was running late on Thursday for no particular reason. The line was longer at the coffee shop. As I was waiting to turn right onto a very busy street in Philadelphia, the man behind me started honking his horn for me to go.

Where did he think I was supposed to go?

So, I did nothing. I waited for my turn. Actually, I am lying a little. I was waiting for both lanes to be free. I know that is annoying for the man behind me, but I have to cross both lanes into the left turning lane in a quick way in order to get to work. Otherwise, I have to go the very busy and congested way.

He honks again. At this point, he has a point, but I just want to get to work my normal way. I can't take the driving guilt. I go and end up going the long and congested way.

Big mistake. It ends up being so chaotic and angry, them...not me. I will never be 15 minutes late again.

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