Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I hate when the media forces something down my throat.

Wait. I should rewind. It is true that no matter how often a dear friend refers to Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood as the "news", it really isn't the news. Maybe it is the plunging cleavage necklines of the hosts or the man in the turned up collar that is telling me something is breaking news, but I just can't buy it.

Now, I buy it enough to tune in when my body and mind go into slow down mode right after supper. It is the time of day that I want nothing more than to sit in front of the television and watch something. Usually, there will be a rerun or two on, but usually it is the entertainment industries excuse to hear themselves talk that I tune into. Why do I do this? It only leaves myself annoyed at celebrities and more annoyed at myself for watching.

So, back to my point...

Donald Trump. Rosie O'Donnell. Why should I care that these two egomaniacs don't like each other? Shame on me for watching.

The baby bump...doesn't anyone in Hollywood know that sometimes people get chubby instead of PG? Maybe Halle Berry is just having a bloated day rather than procreating this earth. Let's give her a break please.

Then, the lowest of the low...Lindsey, Paris, Nicole, and lately Britney...your skirts are too short, your waists are too small, and you have wasted more precious ink and airtime than I care to think about. Girls, get yourself a 12 step program or at least 12 doughnuts.

See...even I am wasting my precious blog space writing about this garbage. Go ahead, shame me.

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Amanda said...

I can't shame you.

I totally agree with you.