Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back From the Scrap

I have returned from Scrap Camp and although I did not develop some new mad skills, I did get a lot accomplished. I was, again, called out on a few things.

First, I am a very fast scrapper. I do not rely on pre-made layouts so I do not spend time searching for the perfect layout. I do my own thing which cuts down on time. The women who are all Creative Memories diehards were amazed at my speed of scrappin'. I was also judged for using brads and eyelets on my pages. They felt that they would damage the pages, but the do not. They embellish and give the pages depth.

When I first arrived, I was a little overwhelmed by the women and their love for Creative Memories. I have shared my opinion of Creative Memories in the past and this is it...They have great tools. They have matching paper. They do not have nice stickers or letters. There is cuter stuff in the stores. But their tools are amazing. The women had EVERY Creative Memories pen, tool, and case. I have more of a hodge podge set up.

I share a hotel room with two complete strangers, but it was as if I had a single because these women stayed up until 4:30 AM and 6:30 AM scrapping. No way. I was in bed a little after midnight. They are hardcore. I am worthless with all endeavours after midnight. Like Cinderella, I guess.

Well, you can check out some of the pages that I finished this weekend. I counted. I did over 30 pages this weekend. That is a lot, my friends!


Amanda said...

VERY impressive. You have a real scrapping talent. You should not be shamed; you should be exalted as their queen.

shelly said...

i said it 8 years ago and i'll say it today.... it's a cult. look out for those creative memories people. they are trying to get you. i dunno what they are going to do when they get you, but they are trying!