Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Corner Has Been Turned

Hello neglected ones!

I am not sure what I have done with my time since Saturday, but it certainly hasn't been spent blogging. Let's see, I have started this new thing where I go to the gym after school. The gym is free and great and there is no reason but stupidity that I haven't used it until now. I am trying to avoid all of my gym failures in the past. In order to keep the momentum with the gym, I will reflect on what has led to such failures in the past.

  1. Ugly Workout Clothes - I cannot spend my time worrying about how I look while I am working out. Everyone is there and gross in some way. Either it is the gross grunting the unnecessarily large muscle man makes every time he finishes a lift or the middle aged man who is working out in his slacks. We are all gross.
  2. The Numbers - I can't look at the calories that I have burned. I can't look at the time that I have left on the treadmill. I can't look at the clock on the wall. The only number that I am at all allowed to consider is the weight that I started at on December 28 and that is the reason that I am on the treadmill in the first place.
  3. The Others - I will not compare myself with this tight, little 21 year old with roller derby shorts and pig tails running at top speed next to me.
  4. The Excuses - I can have none. I have agreed with myself that I will get to the gym for four days this week. I will make a weekly deal with myself that if I do this, I will buy a new magazine for myself to enjoy the next week at the gym. Magazines seem so extravagant.

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pat said...

KICK ASS! I have made it two solid weeks. Honestly, I had to trick myself in to it. What I did was sign up at a really nice gym, but all the way across town. So, now I've spent the money (although I DO get a sizable discount for being an alumnus), and I've driven all the way down there, so I might as well give it all I've got.

Average time at the gym: 1 hour, 14 minutes.


(ok honestly this comment looks a little more hyper than i am at 7:10 in the morning. because i've been up since 5:15.)