Monday, January 01, 2007

I Know Most Love It

We rented Pirates of the Caribbean for New Year's Eve along with a few others. I knew from the first few minutes that I wasn't going to make it to the end of the movie. First, I couldn't remember what had happened in the first Pirates movie. The story line had elements to it that I think, and I am not for sure here, that you should really remember what happened in the last movie. Maybe I should have given it more time, but the movie was so dark. We don't have a huge television so I was left squinting my eyes trying to decipher what was actually occurring during the movie.

The biggest thing that I couldn't continue watching/listening/translating was Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Yes, I agree that he is a clever character, but I couldn't understand 90% of the words from his mouth. I really don't like it when actors do not open their mouths when they are speaking. It was as if he wanted us to really see his nasty pirate teeth. Yes, we see them and they are nasty.

I know you don't hear this very often, but thank goodness for the DaVinci Code or I would have had a bummer of a New Year's Eve.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I have to comment here.. 'The Da Vinci Code' was the worst film I've ever seen. Tom Hanks, who's a brilliant actor was completely wooden! It just pips 'Blair Witch Project' my previous most hated film.