Sunday, January 21, 2007

Game Night

Besides our family Thanksgiving, we had our first social gathering at our house last night. My friends, Amy and Wes, came to town from NYC. I picked them up on the train and we enjoyed some savory snacks before the other guests arrived. Later, the crew from Borders came over. After some brief introductions, we had dinner and got our game on.

I tried to make a dinner that would be somewhat healthy. I made chili and baked potatoes. I had no idea that chili on baked potatoes was a new thing to some people, but it was a big hit. I did not make such a healthy dessert. I found this recipes at allrecipes that used ice cream sandwiches as the main ingredient. You have to check it out the Hot Fudge Ice Cream Bar Dessert. It was so easy and the presentation was quite nice.

Despite the fact that I am trying to eat healthy, I had a piece of dessert. It is the first thing in three and a half weeks that has not been a healthy choice. I will allow myself that. If I wouldn't have enjoyed a piece, I would have had a huge craving and binged on something even worse. I packed up three to-go containers just so we wouldn't have leftovers.

The games started with Apples to Apples, my new favorite game. I appreciate that the players/friends were decisive and quick with their choices. I hate games that are slow, except Scrabble. I discovered that I might be the weak link when it comes to another favorite, Catch Phrase.

Fantastic fun.


Reddog said...

I'm glad you had a successful party. That dessert is very good. I had it with cool whip and crushed Health bar on the top, instead of peanuts.

Amy said...

I just heard about a fun version of scrabble that is not slow....speed scrabble....

Eyes said...

What is apples to apples? We got together with friends too -- and went out for Mexican food -- and then went Cosmic Bowling LOL! It was fun :) Wish you lived nearby -- you would have been on the invitation list :)