Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Don't Hold Back

I love when people comment on my blog. I like to hear what people have to say even when it might disagree with me. What I find the most fascinating about the anonymous comments are their tone. People who sign their name to their comment are more likely to write something with a bit of a laissez-faire attitude. The whole "you dig what you dig and I'll dig what I dig" attitude. The anonymous commenter has more of an edge. I never write anything that I could be cut too deeply by this edge, but there is a little more judgement and, I will go ahead and say it, criticism in these comments.

I was at work and received a comment from someone. Who, I can only fantasize about. It must have been someone who was catching up on the blog or someone who stumbled on the blog. I like to believe it is someone who is lurking and reading my blog, but my review of The DaVinci Code simply drove this person to comment. Maybe it was a frequent signed in reader, but their assessment of my thoughts were so out of line that he/she needed to be as clear as possible with his/her thoughts. He/she told me it was the worst movie he/she has ever seen.

Again, I love a good mystery comment. It almost makes me feel like I should be more opinionated on my blog just to have more contrasting anonymous comments.


Anonymous said...

Hello, anonymous here, nice to know you've been fantasising about me! It was I who made the comment about The Da Vinci Code, I just can't believe anybody could have enjoyed it! Still, one man's meat etc... I stumbled upon your blog by accident while I was googling another reference and I must say it's the best blog I've ever seen, beautifully presented and the regularity of your entries is astonishing, congrats. I agree with you on at least one thing though, Nigella Lawson, she is gorgeous! Me>> m44 England, tara for now.

Amy said...

I would like to know what you enjoyed about TDvC. I also disliked it, although not sure it's the WORST movie I've ever seen. I semi-enjoyed the book as a quick beach read, but, having read the book, there were no surprises in the film and I was just bored. I'm an Audrey Tautou fan and I had to go back and re-watch Amelie to clear my mind of the image of her in this mediocre role.