Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Love People

The grocery store provides endless forms of entertainment for me. I had to stop by the customer service counter for a money order this afternoon. I was behind a woman who was getting a rain check for an item. I have never seen someone get a rain check at a grocery store before.

I continued to pick up a few things for dinner and then, unwisely chose a checkout aisle. I found myself behind the same rain check woman. She was standing there with her coupon purse filing the unused coupons. When she finished and it was time to scan her groceries, she argued every third item's price.

I am not kidding. I am not exaggerating here, folks. She asked the checker about three times whether or not her super card had scanned because the prices were not as low as they should be. The check assured her that it all comes off in the end. Throughout this dabacle of a checkout, the coupon/rain check lady asked the checker to void items when they were too high.

It didn't matter that it was 5PM. It didn't matter that she was holding up the line. It didn't matter that she had a choice what she put on the check out belt. She was going to shop the way she wanted to shop. I couldn't help respect this woman's frugal nature, but come on.

Final straw, she had paid and groceries were bagged and she decides she doesn't want one of the items. No. No way. You are going to have to go to the back of the line or back to customer service, my frugal friend.

The checker agreed with my mental assessment of the situation. THEN, the frugal/rain check/coupon/arguing/returning lady felt bothered. Hey, join the club.


shelly said...

i would have been blindingly incapable of dealing with that situation. i would have stood there saying things like "oh my god you have got to be f*ing kidding me." and "i am going to punch myself in the damn face!" i know, it's not very zen and mindful of me, but we all struggle, right!?
btw, thanks for keeping my link up... don't take it down, i will be back!!

pat said...

two words. scissor-kick.

Carm said...

Ahhhh.... so you've met my mother.

Seriously, as a child I DREADED trips to the grocery story. You could hear the cashiers groan when she walked in. It may not have been as bad as all that... but still.

I will point out that in her defense she ONLY purchased sale items because they were ON SALE and she knew what everything was priced that was her method of budgeting and stocking food at our house and if items are not entered into the computer properly then every single customer is being charged the wrong price.... yadda, yadda, yadda.

Like Shelly, in similar situations I would want to swear loudly but I often use such experiences (and they still happen to me even without my mum... I am always cursed with the slow line)to practice the art of friendly patience where I smile nicely at the cashier in empathy and say, "it's no big deal" (even if it is... I AM often running late) so as to maybe compensate for the dumbass ahead of me...