Saturday, February 10, 2007

On Notice: Grey's Anatomy

Tim and I were eating at a Chinese restaurant on Friday night when five senior citizens came in and were seated right next to us. They were around 75 years old. One of the men yells across the table, "So, did you catch Grey's Anatomy last night?"

I couldn't help overhear since he was yelling so his hearing impaired friend with a hearing aid could hear him.

I found this so funny. I thought this was a show that young people watched, but viewers of all ages have been duped.

This is a judgement I have placed on viewers and episodes of ABC's over-rated television show "Grey's Anatomy".

Please do not be offended. You can hate on "Galactica" if you want. Many do.

This is how I see it. I watched season one every Sunday night. I had great hopes that they were building towards something meaty and meaningful, but I was disappointed when all season two held was more cheating, more all-up-in-each-others' business episodes. I can appreciate that if there wasn't the cheating and the in-each-other's business, there wouldn't be a show. But it drives me crazy.

I am not judging this without watching it. I watched it in reruns this summer and the characters drive me crazy. They act as though they are running through junior high hallways rather than hospital hallways. They are overly concerned about life's events that they have caused. They have not learned the simple idea of action/consequence. They have the "woe is me" down, but fail to realize their problems are self-induced.

I don't even think the writing is clever or thoughtful. I like watching television with flawed characters. I watch The Sopranos and what is more flawed than cheating, whacking, sining Tony Soprano, but something is different. In The Sopranos, things happen. Events unfold. In Grey's Anatomy, each week is just like the last. Izzy is baking. George is pining. Meredith is confused. Christina is angry and competitive. Everyone is having sex. I could skip ten episodes and I guarantee you that it would be the same as just listed.

Don't be mad. If you want to rip on my shows, go ahead and write a blog post about it.


Anonymous said...

I am beginning to come to the exact same conclusion as you, Sarah. I can thank my TiVo for this. Since I work most Thursday nights, I don't end up watching Grey's when it is on. I end up watching it about once a month or so on a day off. I'll check out three or four episodes in a row and be completely disappointed when the fourth is exactly the same as the first.

Every time I watch, I assume that the show will get good again, like it was the first eight or so episodes of season one. So far, a season and a half, that has not been the case. I know I will continue to watch it, because Erin likes it and I can't get away from it, but I just can't seem to enjoy it anymore. All of the characters suck...even George who I used to think was pretty cool has become a whiney little ass. It's all so unfortunate.


Anonymous said...

sorry, Dudders...I got carried away...the "h" on the end of your name was completely accidental.

ellie said...

Yep, I stopped watching Grey's after the first season finale. It looked like it was just going to be more of the same, and if it's all about cheating I'm not going to support that.

Carm said...

I still watch it. I am not loving it the way I love and obsess about LOST or how I felt about Alias. Nevertheless I find myself watching G. Anatomy each week anyway. I always said I HATED medical drama and yet I somehow managed to get sucked into this show and still manage to cry at least once while watching it... pretty sad eh? I've never liked McDreamy or Meredith and find many of the characters annoying.. I'm not sure WHY I keep watching. Maybe it's because I find the Cristina Yang and Preston Burke relationship to be intriguing. If it wasn't for the DVR I wouldn't watch much of anything at all... Oh, and I like Alex. He's a better guy than most of them.

pat said...

You should watch Studio 60. I have all of them on iTunes.

Kirk said...

Skip Grey's, watch Scrubs instead.
-A comedy without a laugh track
-Great writing
-Life lesson themes
-Drama without drama
-The Scrubs Musical!
-JD & Turk have "Guy Love" that anyone would be jealous of (you had to see the song).
-Zach Braff is a genius
-I was a big fan even before I knew Zach and I were born on the same day.