Monday, February 05, 2007

Window Shopping

I think I have turned into a true homeowner nerd. I never thought I would get so excited about new windows.

I can't wait. We knew that when we purchased a home that we would have to make a big investment like this. We thought it would be new kitchen cabinets or re-doing a bathroom, but instead it is windows. I prefer this on so many levels.

I don't have to make any difficult decisions. I have a choice of three kinds of windows. That is easy. Our house is over 65 years old so things have gotten a bit drafty and we feel more than ever over the past week. Brr.

Whoa. This post is super house boring.


Anonymous said...

Are they Marvin Windows? If they are, you are likely contributing to the North Dakota economy. If not, you should feel guilt.

Mathman said...

We got new windows this past summer. It is really helping out with saving energy heating our house this week.