Saturday, February 03, 2007

So Worth It

Most women get waxed. In one form or another. I didn't start this beauty ritual until I was 23 years old, yet I can't help but hold a firm belief that I was neglectful of my looks prior to my first trip to the salon for a nice wax of the eyebrows. Why didn't anyone tell me that I had a slight uni-brow? Oh, well, that is for another time.

When I had short hair, I would get my hair cut every month. With each trip, I would get the eyebrows waxed. It was a nice reminder that this needed to be done. I was a very hands-off person when it came to the maintenance of the eyebrows. I depended completely on the stylist to keep them looking nice. I didn't pluck. I just held out until my next appointment.

Well, now with this long term hair plan, I do not get to the hair salon as much as I should for the eyebrow waxing. I can't stand to pluck. I do it, but I am not good at it. I avoid any places on the eyebrows that could cause an imbalance in my life.

Today, I decided that I could not wait until my next haircut for a wax. I went in and laid down on the table. Inez, the lovely waxer, took one look at me with her magnifying glass and knew things were going to get ugly in there. I had to make some excuse quick for how unruly my two eye caterpillars had gotten.

"It's been a while. I have been pretty busy."

All Inez said was, "I'll say."

I felt like she was about to open the door and scream, "WE'RE GONNA NEED MORE WAX!" like the little Asian woman did in The 40 Year Old Virgin. I hate being shamed at the beauty salon, but this was completely deserving of a shaming.

Well, I made it through a rough waxing and plucking. Lesson learned, my friends. You can skip the dentist appointment, you can put off doing your taxes, and you can certainly avoid phone calls, but DO NOT MISS YOUR WAXING APPOINTMENT.


Mathman said...

Ouch! That's all I have to say about that.

Carm said...

Uh-oh.... So, if I haven't done my brows in over a year, I probably should, eh?

I do "tweeze" them some, but I'm not very aggressive.