Sunday, June 17, 2007

15 Bags of Mulch and Counting

This is actually a little after we started OPERATION MULCH. My friend Penny visited from Iowa. Penny is a master gardener. This picture doesn't show it, but I had these really tall 'plants' growing in the very back of the landscaping. Penny informed me that these were, in fact, weeds. Very, very tall weeds. I couldn't believe it. They were so hearty and flourishing. I guess that is why they are weeds. So, we came up with a plan. I would pull the weeds, Round-up the weedy area, and mulch. Lots and lots of mulch.

I am not sure this photo does all of my work justice. I have used 9 bags of pine mulch in the front. I have overcome my disdain for worms, spiders, and crawly bugs. I have played the odds and when I didn't know if a plant was a weed or plant, I assumed it was a weed. I have been wrong too many times before. I like that you can actually see the rocks now.

This is the side of the house. Lots of rocks. Lots of weeds. Lots of ivy and violets. The violets are nice when they are blooming but they have overtaken along with the ivy. Tim and I are in disagreement about the ivy. He likes a lot of it and I don't. Now, you may not be able to see this, but the weeds go back and back. This was about six hours worth of work or as I count my time now...about four bags of mulch.

Right now, it will remain empty until the fall when I divide some of my monster hostas. Tim and I are working on a plan for this area. We need a new fence on this side of the house and we want some sort of rustic path. As you can see, the ivy is taking over. We found some slugs and that was gross. I let the spiders, worms, and crawly things go because I assumed they were doing something worthwhile in my landscaping, but I am not sure about slugs. I think they are trouble.

I know. There is no BEFORE because I forgot. It is for the best really. This was a mess. A lot of overgrown iris plants and weeds. I had no idea there were even rocks under the weeds. Two bags of mulch.

I have started mulching and weeding the back landscaping. I am using black mulch and I like it. I never thought I would have so many opinions about mulch.


Anonymous said...

Sara - your hard work paid off. The landscaping looks great. Jason put down 24 bags of mulch in our landscaping (thankfully I used Noah as my excuse not to help).


Sara Hondl said...

Great job. I think your thumb is starting to turn a little green.

Ellie said...

Isn't gardening rewarding? It looks great!

Mathman said...

My wife and I were also working on cleaning up our garden this weekend. Several months ago I trimmed down some bushes, and unfortunately the lack of cover has allowed lots of weeds to grow in the ground around them. Cleaning that up is our project for next weekend. Perhaps I should take some before and after photos of that.

Carm said...

Ummm.... what is mulch?

It looks like you did tons of work! Well done.

Eyes said...

We had to order our mulch and have it delivered. 12 yards. Cost= $600. I only state the cost to give you an idea of the amount we needed. TONS. If we had bought it in bags, we'd needed way over 200 LOL.

Your yard is shaping up! It's look really nice :)

Anonymous said...

Sara-that looks awesome. I am so proud of you. Was I suppose to give you ideas for plants? I can't remember. Cant wait to see you in August. Love, Penny