Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I Was Runnin

Through the years, I have borrowed a phrase from my friend who used to say that she only ran when she was being chased. This rule has served me well. Actually, no. It has gotten me nice and soft along with my high sugar and carb diet. So, tonight, with the help of my friend, I ran.

Not only did I run, I ran 0.75 miles. This is HUGE, people! This is how I did it. I ran on the outside ring where the slow people run. I walked the first lap, ran the second and the third, walked the fourth, ran 3/4 the fifth, and ran 1/4 of the sixth. Anything that I did that wasn't running was speed walking including the last laps. Altogether, I walked/ran two miles.

This is what I noticed about tonight's happening...
  1. When I stare at the ground, it makes me want to fall over.
  2. Stop running if you think you are going to lose your cookies. This will serve you well.
  3. Having someone to encourage you helps.
  4. Don't worry about others. Everyone is doing something healthy and that is the important part.
  5. Wear the right pants/shorts. My pants kept falling down because they were tie strings rather than elastic.


Carm said...

I'm so proud of you. Today I WALKED out of necessity... I didn't want to wait 45 minutes until the next bus. I walked about .75 miles with an 18 lb. grocery bag. I know. I weighed it when I got home.

Later after taking the bus to the library I walked home again... this time it was 40 minutes of walking. My thighs are now chafed. That's a bad sign right? If you are chunky enough that your thighs chafe from rubbing against each other? (I was wearing a skirt. Ugh!)

Anonymous said...

Wearing your iPod helps, too.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Sara - congrats! I'm so proud of you. I took up running (and by running, I mean jogging slowly) a few years ago. I did it the same way, working up from walking/jogging intervals to full jogging over time. The key is not running too fast so you get winded right away. I will tell you this - if you want to lose inches, jogging is the best way. It's the only thing that truly works for me. Keep up the good work!