Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meet Charlotte

I know what you are thinking.

"Why would a person need three ipods?"

You are right. A person does not need three, but it is nice when you do. I was recently gifted a new ipod shuffle. It is pink and holds 240 songs. It is small and convenient. It is so much easier to bring with me when I want to exercise.

I gave my mini green ipod to my mother, but she is returning it to me because she never uses it. I have plans to fill it up with Tim's favorite music and give it to him.

I am spoiled because I packed all of my workout clothes and got ready to walk on the track near my school when I realized I had forgotten Charlotte. (That is the name I have given my shuffle...Charlotte the Shuffle....Little sister to Iris the ipod.) I almost considered not doing my two mile walk because I didn't have Charlotte with me. That is ridiculous. So, I just listened to the birds and the wind.

1 comment:

rachelzana said...

Nice ipod names! Mine is called Claire, but I like both of your names better.