Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

I can't remember if I have written about this obsession before...

Every Saturday night, we watch Cops on Fox. It never gets old. Now, I realize that I have revealed that Tim and I have a mild social life if we are sitting home on Saturday nights, but hey, this is no surprise to most of you.

We are always waiting for the foot pursuit, the tazer, the shirtless excuse, the 'how-did-that-get-there' conversation after the officer finds a crack pipe, and a favorite of ours...the k-9 pursuit. The k-9 pursuit is a rare scene because most perpetrators realize they are no match for the dogs.

Some might think that it is voyeuristic that we watch the sad situations each Saturday night, but it has become habit for us. We are no longer shocked when the police pull up to the domestic situation only to find a shirtless man explaining how he is being abused by his girlfriend or when the police try to pull someone over only to see the car start a chase because he had some warrants.

My favorite Cops episodes take place in Des Moines because I can recognize a few places. I also enjoy Boise, Idaho because they are midwestern folksy. For example, two people were involved in a hit and run and by the end of the episode one of the people involved was crying and apologizing to the other. They hugged before the cops put them in the car. Of course, Las Vegas yields some great episodes.

Again, it never gets old.


Mathman said...

I love "Cops," but unfortunately my wife doesn't, so I don't get to watch it too often. I occasionally catch it on Court TV if she is away, but I never see the new episodes anymore. I also used to enjoy watching "America's Most Wanted." Alas, that too is not in my typical Saturday night TV viewing any more.

Joe said...

Uncle Bill would be proud!