Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fish and Farm Fresh Produce

I am taking this summer as an opportunity to discover new grocery markets. I am just tired of the big, unimpressive grocery stores where the produce is just so-so and the deli is a battleground.

The Farm Fresh Produce Market is known for a great deli with a fantastic potato salad, but since I am on the wagon, I am only able to sample the Potato Salad. It was delicious. Yet, the pineapple and grapes were very good and very cheap. Even more important, the green beans were quite special. And by special, I mean 99 cents a pound and garden perfect.

Along with the Farm Fresh Produce Market, I bought some tilapia from a seafood market. I have never cooked fish at home, but I am glad we tried. We grilled it. I am glad to think that I can now add another food to our menu. I was always afraid of fish, but I realized that fish is like all other meats. It could be great. It could be a nightmare.

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