Saturday, June 02, 2007

Don't Get Too Comfortable

Inspired by Rachel, I have decided to share my recent shoe purchase with the readers. If you are a long time reader, you know that I just made the leap of faith to flip-flops last summer. I made some careful decisions and now own a total of three pairs of flip-flops.

This is the flip-flop purchase for summer 2007. My shoe summer shoe philosophy is this...

Don't love them too much because they are going to be nasty by the end of September.

Not deep or pretty, but grossly honest all the same. It is not that I am a gross or nasty person or that my feet are unkempt, but summer just has a way of beating the hell out of shoes. Maybe it is the trips to the park with all of the dirt. Maybe the fact that I go into the summer shoe season with this downer of an outlook, but they are not nice enough or clean enough to keep around until next summer.

And why should you break them out again when there will be a whole new batch of cute flip-flops priced under twenty dollars? This rule really only applies to flip-flops and canvas shoes.

Exception to my flip-flop rule: A good and proper brown sandal can make it through many seasons.

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