Thursday, June 14, 2007

Northeast Spectacular

Washington, DC - It was the first time for all of us in our nation's capital. I can't wait to go back because there are so many things that I want to see again and things I didn't get to see. The Holocaust Museum and Arlington Cemetery were somber but among the most interesting sites in DC. By the time that we made it to the Capitol, we were exhausted and a bit ridiculous. We were taking action shots and senior picture poses in front of the Capitol. That's freedom, baby.

New York City - I am a fan of the double decker bus. It wraps up NYC in a nice little lazy package. I didn't have to figure out the subway system to and from certain locations. We'd just hop on and off. We made it to the Top of the Rock again. Forget the Empire State Building. I've done it and waited three hours for it. I have done Top of the Rock three times and never had to wait for the same view. For Jodi and Penny, this was their first time to NYC and we were on a time budget. We had a little more than 24 hours to see the city. We finished off this trip with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

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