Friday, June 22, 2007

Whoa...Happy Belated Birthday, TMP

I had completely forgotten to celebrate The Midwestern Position's third birthday!

I have been writing this little nook of the internet for three years now and I still find the experience worthwhile. One of the great things about a blog are the archives. I am able to look back on any given date and check out what I was up to one, two, three years ago.

If this blog serves anything in my life, it serves as documentation that I am livin' the life. Even if that life consists of a good game of Scrabble, a new recipe, an unhealthy obsession with music collection, a deep affair with Dunkin' Donuts, or adventures in my new geographical location.


Anonymous said...

It is my favorite website. Keep it up!


Anonymous said...


Perhaps in celebration of TMP's birthday, you could post all of the Midwestern Rules and Quotes of the Week... I would like to reflect! :)


Carm said...

Oh my goodness... she's had a face-lift. I love it! How thrilling to come to your blog and see a whole new look. Happy Blog Birthday!