Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Philly's Hot (96 degrees) and Humid

1. Go to a movie. Even a mediocre movie will do. Today, I went early and stayed late to the matinee showing of Ocean's 13. Maybe I don't like gambling enough. Maybe the fast moving camera shots were too wild for me. But it was probably just the morning heat that caused me to really only comprehend 60% of the movie. Whatever. I like the Brad Pitt eye candy.

2. Gather all of the fans in your house. Take great pains to place them at a strategic angle so that the maximum amount of fan relief occurs. It is fine if it feels like you are in the middle of hurricane season. It is relief and that is all that matters, friends.

3. Although this might not work for everyone, wear as little amount of clothing as midwesternly possible. By that I mean...put your modesty aside and just wear the embarrassingly short shorts and tank top. BUT ONLY AT HOME.

4. Freezer Pops. Shakes. Iced Coffees. Water. Diet Coke. Just keep it coming. Flowin' nice and easy.

5. Go to the bookstore. After all of the magazines and books that I have put away, I deserve to just sit in a Borders and use their air conditioning. I will read many magazines. I will browse many books. Heck, I could even finish a book.

6. I wish I had a sprinkler. Is it okay for an almost 31 year old woman to run through her own sprinkler without any children near her?

7. Complain. This is only a temporary fix and yields very little in the relief department.

8. Stay at work. This is Tim's strategy.


rachelzana said...

Having lived through several very hot and humid Wisconsin summers without air conditioning (and while pregnant) I feel your pain. I really do. Here are some other ideas:

a. get a couple of ice cream buckets and fill them with cold water and ice. Sit down in a comfortable place with a good book or in front of your computer and stick your feet in the buckets.

b. Buy the sprinkler. Sit in it. We did. It works great.

c. Splurge on a cheap plastic wading pool, fill it in the privacy of your backyard, in the shade if possible, and immerse.

Good luck.

pat said...

yeah, don't come to georgia. it's that temperature/humidity from late april til late september/early october here. i LOATHE heat. i really should move to seattle or a new england-ish type place.