Friday, February 17, 2012

Feelings Proclamations

The nightly routine has turned out to be not so routine.  This is not by my choice.  Elsa has realized that she has a lot more control over her compliance or more likely, non-compliance with the bedtime routine.  Her latest avoidance technique are what I call "feelings proclamations".  She likes to sit in her crib and call out "I am angry.  Very angry."  or "I am happy.  So happy."

Her facial expressions match the words and then, she moves into the dramatic presentation of her feelings.  Dora and Boots, her stuffed best friends, act out these emotions in a story line that may have happened to Elsa recently.  I am her captivated audience.  The show only lasts about three minutes, but don't worry.  There is always an encore.  She makes the feelings proclamation again and the show repeats.

I have tried to video tape this nightly event but then, the show comes to a halt.  I am curious what the next feeling will be...jealousy, frustration, annoyance, elation.  So far, she has three - angry, sad, and happy.

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