Monday, February 06, 2012


I am using my blog as a kind of time machine into the past.  I am lucky enough to be able to browse through what was my life for eight years -- minus the past two -- and enjoy each rumination with happy nostalgia.  So, when I was thinking about the Super Bowl last night and how much I detest the hype, I was knee-deep in the middle of 2006.  I came across a post about exactly how much I do not like the Super Bowl and the dreaminess of Tom Brady.

Turns out, I have even more to say about the Super Bowl and the cultural hangover that it forces upon us. I just feel like we can all be better than the Super Bowl.  Once a year, the media and the powers that be create an event that is steeped in commercialism and money, money, money.  Even if you can avoid the actual game and the build up that precedes the game, it is next to impossible to avoid the morning after.

I turn into this anti-social girl who avoids conversations because I do not want to discuss commercials.  I don't really want to hear about which one was funny, or even worse, which ones were not funny.  There is always the person who says, without fail, "They weren't that funny.  I was disappointed."

Disappointed?  Really?  Did you have high expectations for a 30 second form of entertainment that basically exists to encourage you to spend money on their product?

And then, there is the pathos that the media tries to evoke for the loser.  Today, I read a headline about the "emotional loss" for the Patriots.  Go cry in your big bag of money.


Sara Hondl said...

Oh Sara, how I missed your blog. Your posts always make me chuckle. I haven't hear your crying in a big bag a money quote in a long time. Keep the posts coming.

Courtney said...

So true, friend, so true. I love it that, much like holidays, the "commercialism" of the event now spans like weeks. The commercials are leaked, the buzz starts, and it all just keeps going. We're so mixed up sometimes.

Carm said...

Super Bowl for me = friends and fantastic food