Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inspired by Five Year Olds

This week, two of my kindergarten friends came to school with hearts sewed onto their shirts for Valentine's Day.  The hearts were patterned material that had their favorite things on them.  One had foxes and the other had rainbows.

I was jealous.  I wanted their shirts.  Or a version of their shirts.  My heart shirt would have books or laptops or Kitchenaid mixers all over it.  When I asked these girls about their lovely handmade shirts, they both said that their moms made it special for Valentine's Day.

It inspired me.  Actually, all of my time wasting on has inspired me to take up sewing.  I am not going to be quilting or anything fancy, but I would like to whip up a heart-shaped shirt for me and Elsa.

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