Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Born Again

I am just not going to buy into Valentine's Day.

Or at least the way Target would like me to buy into it with Dora Valentines or special Valentine plates.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we made heart shaped cookies with pink sprinkles.  Elsa was so pleased with herself as she stood next to me on the steps with her pink sprinkle shaker.  I rolled and cut the cookies and she was a patient girl for her moment to sprinkle.  She used her pent up shaking energy well!  She shook and shook and shook those sprinkles!

Elsa colored two heart shapes for her beloved Miss Arlene and Miss Joanne.

After a couple of practice greetings, she had "Happy Valentine's Day!" down and was ready to greet the day.

For having a mother who is pretty anti-Valentine's Day, I think I pulled it off.  It turns out these sort of manufactured holidays are a lot more fun when you have little ones.


Carm said...

I'm pretty anti-valentine's day too, but today our principal and counselor brought in a chocolate fountain and served the teachers a dessert buffet during our break. Then after school I got the favorite teacher discount from a kid at a local bakery. I feel loved. And it was nice.

Mark said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Holidays are much more fun with the kids. The best part of yesterday was when my oldest said that she sometimes liked giving valentines more than getting them. That comment made my day.