Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Cheese For Me

We are all snobs about something.  Some people are wine snobs.  Some people are shoe snobs.  Some people are literary snobs.  Turns out, you can even be a cheese snob.

I made a soup recipe for my co-workers that had all the midwestern essentials.  A can of this.  A can of that.  It was creamy and delicious and I usually keep the ingredients secret because I know that the can of this and that are not always appreciated.  However, everyone always says, "This is so good".

And wouldn't you know...the cans aren't even the "best" part.  It's the Velveeta.  Yes, the big block of yellow cheese product that can make any healthy creation into an instant artery clogger.  It is not an everyday food, but rather, a twice a year kind of ingredient.

When a co-worker wanted the recipe, I was happy to share it because she is the kind of person who just likes what she likes.  She has no snobberies about food.  However, when she passed along the recipe to a friend, her friend responded with "I don't think I'll be making THAT."

Why was I so offended?  Probably the same reasons that I got offended when a fellow midwesterner came to my house for dinner and commented, "you cook so midwestern".

There is a lot wrong with that statement.  First, I do cook like a midwesterner because I am one.  Second, I see your plate is empty.  Third, I can cook with Velveeta cheese or goat cheese.  Just because I come from a place that loves its 'hotdishes' and crockpot meals does not mean that I can't cook the finer things.  However, I take comfort in those dishes that taste like home.

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