Friday, February 17, 2012

Soapbox Rant: Baby Piercing

I was walking through the mall on a rare toddler-free shopping trip when I witnessed a very disturbing scene.

I heard a baby crying.  It was the kind of cry that is usually only heard at the doctor's office when shots and other unpleasantries are occurring.  When I searched to find the cry, I saw a mother holding her baby in her arms so she could have her ears pierced.

Why would you do that to your baby?  Shouldn't a person have a choice whether or not they are going to put holes in her body?  Why would you put your baby in a physically and emotionally painful situation?  They endure a lot navigating this new world.

When I complained about this moment in the mall to a friend, she asked me when I would allow Elsa to get her ears pierced.  I will allow Elsa to pierce her ears when she asks for it and she is able to care for her pierced ears.  I am sure she will have the gross nickel allergy like her mother and not be able to wear cute earrings, but instead the same old hoops day after day.  But whatever it looks like at that moment, it will be her choice and her pain that she has asked to endure. 

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